Datametrex AI Limited

Datametrex puts the power of merchant’s sales data at their fingertips. With our DataTap technology, merchants can access their business-critical data in real-time and from anywhere, without disrupting their transaction processing.

Our Solution

Why Datametrex?

The key differentiator between DataTap and the current technology is that DataTap passively captures data as it flows from the POS terminal during a transaction as opposed to other technologies that interrupt the flow to capture data.


Simple, cost-effective and easy to install

Completely non-disruptive and non-invasive to existing transaction processing (Plug and Play).


Does not interrupt or interfere with data flow

There is absolutely no risk of downtime to a merchant’s POS terminal that can result from installing a DataTap.


Real-time access to your information

Sales transaction data is updated every minute – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.


Gain valuable insights of purchase patterns and maximize your business

Lower operational costs, increase sell-through rates, maximize your profits!

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