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Blockchain technology will revolutionize the future and will provide significant growth for Datametrex AI Limited.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a digital tool for doing a variety of functions such as recording and verifying transactions. These functions have much needed utilization for security advances in the financial services, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, and retail industries.

Blockchain offers Opportunity in Various Fields

Trusted Data Transfer

The biggest strength of blockchain technology is that it allows data to be shared within trusted networks, without impacts on customized interfaces. It runs computations on data while keeping the data itself completely private, using an optimized version of secure, multiparty computation.

Record Keeping

Blockchain technology allows it possible for every appropriate touch points in a supply chain, which is from a supplier to a consumer, to add a verifiable record to an item’s sales record. It helps a company to provide transparency by tracing the history of transactions and a product’s journey, as it protects both clients and sellers from fraudulent activities.

Smart Contract

As the smart contract is stored on every computer’s network, they all must execute it and get to the same result. This way users can be assured, that the result is integral. Smart Contract run without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference. The key aim of this technology is to securely store and transfer various data of documents, and to build up an environment where legal transactions such as exchange shares, financial information, or anything of value can be moved with transparency.

Digital Identify

Blockchain technology offers a solution for many digital identity issues, where identity can be uniquely authenticated in a secure manner. It makes tracking and managing digital identities both secure and efficient, resulting in seamless sign-on and reduced fraud. It allows users to take advantage of the technology to enable secured solutions for private data to be shared.

The Future of Blockchain for Business

Blockchain technology opens a variety of new opportunities.

Government Services

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that delivers efficiency and potentially enabling government applications in digital voting, digital identification, electronic health records, digital deeds and even tax audits.

Well Being for Life

A record management system for health records and digital signatures to provide patients and physicians secure access to medical information. Also, secure smart home IoT ecosystems by storing biometric data on a private blockchain.

Retail Industry

A shared ledger where all financial transactions are recorded. It delivers low cost, secure sharing of information. This technology clearly has the potential to bring ground-breaking innovations across the valuable retail chain.