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Datametrex EV Solutions is the exclusive Canadian partner of EVAR

About Datametrex EVS


“Range anxiety’’ is the #1 concern among electric vehicle owners. Our solutions address this concern with 24/7 Roadside Assistance that keeps you charged and prepared with EV Connect Solutions for the road ahead.


24/7 ON-DEMAND Service

Not only personal vehicles but also fully electric delivery trucks, cargo vans, and school buses are all due to become increasingly common as fleets go green and diesels, ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) are retired.

That is where a recent surge of interest in mobile-charging solutions comes in. As a backup plan for the times when charge points and infrastructure will not quite cut it and trucks need a little more charge to accommodate the unforeseen, mobile systems will be able to provide a fast charge on the go.

EV Connect Solutions‘ mobile charging system can be mounted inside the van. We provide an emergency charging service for electric vehicle requiring 24/7 Roadside Assistance. After running out of power, you can charge it at any public EV charging station.


Convenient Reservation

The simple application allows you to reserve ‘On Demand’ Service and our drivers will come to you!


Free from Charger and Space

No need to look for charging stations! Simply open your app, look for available time slots and click reserve!


Different types of service vehicles

A Battery Pack(ESS) is mounted on board service vehicles. Different types of vehicles can be used within the weight limit.

Mobile EV Charger


24/7 On-Demand Service 

Charging Service with battery on board of truck

Provide complimentary or emergency service to EV drivers through apps.

Product_Mobile EV Charger.png

EVAR Cart 

Mobile charging cart 

Easy-to-move, mobile, fast-charging solution that can be installed where EV charging is needed.

Product_EV Automatic Recharging Robot.png

Autonomous EV Recharging Robot 

First in world EV charging robot 

Fully automatic charging system with autonomous driving to find and charge  EVs.

AC EV Charger

SC 07(light number).png

Smart EV Charger 

Dynamic load-balancing charger

The most reasonable solution for easy EV charging in all parking lots. Easy to use with intuitive design. 

DC EV Charger

급속충전_껍데기_홈페이지용_18 복사.png

Rapid EV Charger 

EV fast charging solution 

Rapid EV charger with built-in load-balancing capability allowing up to 100kW charging speed.