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Cyber Security

  • Dive deeper into conversations on social media

  • Extract actionable insights

  • A new, smarter way to look at unstructured data

  • Harness the power of social media discovery

  • Turn unknowns into knowns




Our deep analytics platform captures, structures and visualizes vast amounts of unstructured social media data which, used as a discovery tool, allows organizations to make better decisions by pinpointing specific trends, risks and opportunities taking place.

Current languages supported:
English, French, Russian, and Korean (more coming soon).

illust_dm_collect 1.png

The system collects and analyses data from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs, web forums, online news sites, Google Alerts and RSS feeds. With it, you’ll be able to make qualitative analyses based on both quantitative and qualitative data so you can provide context for the numbers, not just spreadsheets.

When exploring social media data, users immediately have access to:


An interactive timeline showing peaks of activity

Most frequent publishers and most frequently mentioned accounts

Most common words and hashtags

A lexical map that automatically clusters conversations to show common patterns of interactions and key topics

A geolocation-based heat map

Nexa Products

1st Generation
Social Media discovery &
Monitoring platform
New Generation
Nexalogy’s Social Media Automated Reporting Technology (NexaSMART) takes NexaSecurity to the next level with AI-powered automated reporting technology.
With NexaSMART you can quickly generate reports with all of NexaSecurity's visualisations.




Know when the buzz peaks


Lexical Map

Automatically read the big data buzz


Never miss a rising topic or brand again

Heat Map

Know where publishers are

Actors by Query

See which subjects are overlapping and which are independent

Actor Interactions Network Map

Understand where the conversation is happening

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