Telehealth : Medi-Call

Medi-Call is a fully integrated telehealth company within a mobile application. It is a first mover in the health sector that offers “on-demand” medical services via geo-located physicians in real-time.

About Medi-Call

  • Providing technology driven telemedicine services including prescriptions.

  • Making healthcare accessible to people who live in rural or isolated communities, limited time, mobility, or access to transportation.

  • Driven to improve coordination and communication of treatment among members of a healthcare team and its patients.

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How it works

Medi-Call is a subscription service (SaaS) that connects patients with doctors proactively.

It begins with an integrated grid system that connects patients with healthcare providers in real time.


For patients
Access to high standard of care
any time, anywhere, on their schedule

For physicians
Work any time, anywhere
on their schedule


3 Key Success Factors 

  • Faster treatment

  • Convenient health management


  • Reasonable

  • Affordable


  • Secured medical record

  • Keep yourself safe at home



After receiving his training at University of Manitoba.  
Omar went on to take leading roles within his departments of hospital medicine and emergency medicine within BC and Alberta.  Working for over 10 years in these fields and gaining a status of clinical instructor at the University of British Columbia he has taught many students and interns. He has now brought his skills and experience to help fill the ever growing void of top level community medicine and aid in it's implementation at medi-call.

A fierce believer in resilience, customers first, and team member engagement, Omar is driven by his passion to deliver innovative healthcare solutions and improve health outcomes for all Canadians

Dr. Omar Sharif

Founder and CEO

Dr. Omar Sharif